Situational Judgment Tests


In these tests candidates are given hypothetical situations and are asked to choose the best course of action and often also the worse course of action from the list of choices.


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Promotional Written Tests


Promotional written tests assess candidates knowledge of job related source material.

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Assessment Centers


Assessment centers allow candidates to demonstrate job-related dimensions of performance in job simulation exercises that replicate important situations that occur on the job.

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Dennis A. Joiner & Associates have been specialists in public sector supervisory and management assessment and selection since 1977. Primary products and services include situational judgment tests, written knowledge tests, assessment centers and job simulation exercises. Occupational specialties include all promotional ranks of law enforcement, fire and emergency services.

We are recruiting for Chief Examiner (Director of Civil Service) in Reno, Nevada! More information on the job is included below. If interested, please submit a resume, three professional references and responses to the Supplemental Questionaire (on the Job Announcement) by June 29, 2018 to

Chief Examiner - Job Announcement

Chief Examiner Job Specification

Management Benefit Brief Summary

FY 2017-2018 FY Civil Service Adopted Budget

CSC Rule Book